“To be born in my country means to be a Buddhist ...

 … to be a Buddhist child in my country means to be abused …”

July2014_LP2 Buddhism seemed like the national religion — Christians were considered “traitors.”

But for the millions who were impoverished and hopeless, Buddhism also seemed like a death sentence.

“To live as a child in a Buddhist home in my country is to suffer,” says Pastor “J,”* one of our partner pastors from a sensitive Asian nation where OneHope is at work.

He understands this truth because he grew up in a poor Buddhist family, with an alcoholic father and nine brothers and sisters.

Yet, when he was 13, God intervened in his life through a Christian summer camp where he met Jesus Christ — he later helped lead his entire family to the Lord.

And today, he is one of our biggest ministry partners in this sensitive nation of Asia — a country with a very restrictive government.

“It’s against the law to print Christian literature in my country — but when I showed the God’s Big Story cards to the authorities, I was able to tell them: this is not literature, this is pictures.

We’re allowed to print pictures.” God’s Big Story is the series of illustrated cards that teaches children the meta-narrative of the Bible and leads them to Christ.

This year in this sensitive nation, by God’s grace, Pastor “J” and our other partners will touch the lives of 100,000 children with this program alone! Please pray for the same miraculous results that Pastor “J” and his family experienced when he first met Jesus.

Thank you for helping to share the love of Jesus Christ with children in desperate need. For every dollar you give now, we will be able to reach three children and youth with the Good News!

*Name changed for security purposes.

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