2014 workshop dates

The world is quickly and constantly changing. This means our mission fields have changed, but has our strategy? The end goal remains the same, but the path to get there needs to be re-mapped because the landscape is drastically different.

Reimagine Mission, a OneHope initiative, will challenge your understanding of missions and give you practical tools to reimagine your global and local mission programs.

We believe the Church is God’s answer to restoring communities, and our research into the attitudes and behaviors of youth enables us to assist the local Church to be more effective in reaching the next generation. Our workshops bring ministry leaders from around the United States together to explore the topics of strategic missions and outcome-based ministry. This small gathering is a time to discover how your church can best fulfill its unique calling while connecting with other leaders to refine and sharpen your vision and mission strategy.

valuable insight into

  • The current state of the world
  • How the past informs the future of missions
  • Outcome-based ministry design
  • Game-changing paradigms
  • Critical ministry shifts that need to take place
  • How to understand global trends to increase your effectiveness
  • Building on your church’s foundation
  • Drafting your church’s mission blueprint

No one individual can fulfill the Great Commission, but working together we can help the Church move forward. We believe that when you find something good, something that works, you should share it. That’s why we want to give you some tools that will help you draft relevant and effective missions strategies for your unique location and context.

5 reasons to attend

  1. Excite your people to make a global impact
  2. Discover the difference outcome-based missions can make
  3. Learn best practices to inform your missions strategy
  4. Connect with other influential pastors
  5. It’s fun, informative and is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come!

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