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  • It's the number of people living in Africa's Sahara
  • It's the number of parts that comprise the U.S. space shuttle orbiter—the most complex machine ever built
  • It's the number of websites that have integrated with Facebook
  • It's the number of insect species in the Amazon Rainforest
  • It's the number of times a heart beats in 25 days
  • It's the number of people that were living in the U.S. when the Declaration of Independence was signed
It's how many children you have equipped local churches to reach in more than 20 countries in just 7 years.
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OneHope is thrilled to claim a rich history of partnership with the ARC. Since 2006, we have worked together to impact more than 20 countries and touch more than 2.5 million children’s lives. Those are numbers that neither of us could have ever reached on our own.
It's an honor to serve the ARC churches
Working together to help advance the Great Commission with you is a privilege and truly a joy. OneHope is honored to serve the Church by helping plant new ones. There is nothing more exciting than watching an ARC church plant start up and take off. We know it takes a lot of prayer and planning to launch these new churches and set them up for success. We’re thankful that we get to play a role in being able to offer our expertise and resources to help the ARC continue to vision and support successful new church ventures around the world.