An Unreached Tribe Hears the Gospel

rio negro 4Did humans come from pineapples? That’s what the Bari tribe in Venezuela believe. This unreached people group embraces a creation legend that God formed man from pineapples.

The Bari tribe has erected many barriers to keep them safe from outside influence. They do not allow missionaries into their villages to preach the Gospel. They also believe that children should only be taught by their parents. But the Gospel can overcome even these obstacles.

Miraculously, the chieftain of one of these villages recently invited a OneHope team to come and put on games and sports for their children and distribute the Book of Hope.

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About 50 kids, who had never heard the true creation story, were told about Jesus and prayed to Him for the first time. Even more incredible, the chieftain has asked the team to return every month to continue teaching the village about Christ, and has invited 3 neighboring indigenous communities to participate as well!

Praise God that He is opening doors for the message of salvation to travel to the most remote areas where it would seem impossible for God’s Word to go. Continue to pray with us for the effectiveness of our teams in Venezuela and around the world—that they will continue to receive invitations to share Jesus with children from closed and unreached people groups.

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