What is the HOPEFUL Award?

OneHope has a unique culture, largely created by the DNA that defines who we are as an organization, and individually as people who work here. Our DNA isn’t something that we write down in a document just to file in our archives as something official we have. We don’t just bring it out on ceremonial occasions to remind ourselves of our founding principles.

DNA, by its essence is alive—lived out every day in the work we do and interactions we have with each other.

It is in that spirit that we have designed the HOPEFUL Award to allow us to recognize our co-workers for exceptional displays of our OneHope DNA. This award is one way we can celebrate the many examples of hardworking, outcome-based, pure,efficient, faithful, uninhibited and Spirit-led ministry of those we work beside.

So keep your eyes open and be thinking about who you think deserves the HOPEFUL Award next!

Who gets the award?

Anyone can win the HOPEFUL Award so long as they have been nominated for it by one or more of their fellow staff members. You may not nominate yourself, and please don’t nominate close friends as a favor.

The award will be given out on a monthly basis at chapel, but please note that staff members cannot win more than once every 6 months.

How do I nominate someone?

Postcards to write down your nomination will be by the mailboxes on both the 5th and 6th floors. You can also nominate online below.

For your nomination, you will be asked to write down a specific example of how you saw the nominee exemplify one or more of the HOPEFUL characteristics. Please include any details and context that will helpful for the award committee to know. While nominations are not anonymous, your name will not be shared with the nominee and/or winner.

If the person you nominated did not win, you can of course nominate them again for the award the next month.

Who decides on the winner?

All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of OneHope leadership, who will decide on the staff member most qualified for the award that month.

While staff members may be nominated an unlimited number of times, this does not necessarily increase their chances of winning.

What if I have more questions?

Contact Debbie Janies if you have additional questions about this contest. debbiejanies@onehope.net.


Please nominate a staff member for the HOPEFUL award!