Christian Music Artist Partners with Mission Organizations, Advocates for Spiritual Justice

Update Your Social Media Status and Get a Free Song Download from Matthew Reed’s Soon-to-Be-Released Album “Come and Drink

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 9, 2011—Updating your social media status has rarely been so entertaining – or meaningful. With OneHope’s “Donate Your Status” campaign, social media and music fans alike can redeem a free song from Christian music artist Matthew Reed when updating their status across social media platforms to advocate for spiritual justice.

In partnership with Reed, OneHope – a ministry committed to reaching the world’s children and youth with the hope of God’s love through customized, meaningful media experiences – created “Donate Your Status.” The unique social media campaign is aimed at building awareness of children’s spiritual needs, which can be easily overlooked when also working to meet their physical needs.

“Our generation focuses a lot on social justice, which is great – digging wells, providing shoes, vaccines . . . But if we only focus on the physical, we are forgetting an integral part of Christianity – and that’s where we will spend eternity,” said Reed. “A twelve-year-old child in Swaziland has the decision to sleep with the bus driver to get a ride to school or to make the six kilometer walk. If she hasn’t had the opportunity to receive God’s truth for her life, she may choose the ride. Social justice plus spiritual justice equals an agent of change.”

When they update their status through, participants are able to download Reed’s “Awake, Awake” song from his upcoming album release Come and Drink. The full album will be available through iTunes on May 31.

“OneHope is working across the world to provide spiritual justice for children, one child at a time,” said OneHope President Rob Hoskins. “Every child has the need and the right to hear God’s Word. The ‘Donate Your Status’ campaign will bring light to the millions of children who have not yet had that opportunity.”

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Interview OneHope’s President Rob Hoskins or Christian music artist Matthew Reed about social justice and the “Donate Your Status” campaign. To schedule an interview, contact Calea Bakke at 954.975.7777 ext. 1149 or 615.715.2568.

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