May 15: Int’l Day of Families — Global Research Reveals Families Hold Most Sway with Teens

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., May 1, 2013 – Think your teenager is looking to their peers and the internet to solve all of life’s problems? Think again. Teens around the world are still looking to their families for answers.

In coordination of International Day of Families, OneHope is sharing its Spiritual State of the World’s Children research findings: the teenage “norm” has gone global — crossing cultural and religious boundaries — and family-life is one of the biggest influences of teen behavior.

“It shows some encouraging results regarding the attitudes and values of youth globally,” said OneHope President Rob Hoskins. “Parents are still considered to be the top influencers in their children’s lives.”

This study of the more than 152,000 13 – 19-year-olds in 44 countries revealed that teens with positive family experiences report more positive outcomes — less substance abuse, sexual behavior and suicidal thoughts and stronger academic drive.

Teens with divorced, unmarried or deceased parents and those that say they have negative family experiences, however, report the most lying, substance abuse and sexual experience.

“Divorced parents should take some comfort in knowing that teens who say they have positive family experiences, report similar positive outcomes to those with married parents,” adds Research Specialist Mindy Chandler.

Worldwide, only 56% of teens describe their home as a place where they feel safe and loved. 63% report being very close to their mother and 43% report being very close to their father.  The study also revealed that teens who read the Bible tended to have closer relationships with their parents, especially their mothers, compared to those who do not read the Bible.

The Spiritual State of the World’s Children research is available at no cost to churches and ministries who share OneHope’s vision to reach every child in the world with the Gospel.

Founded in 1987, OneHope is an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with young people around the world. Each Scripture program is age specific and customized based on research OneHope conducts among children and youth, leaders and educators in the countries it works. In collaboration with churches and ministries — and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations — OneHope has reached nearly a billion young people in more than 125 countries with a relevant Gospel message.

Available for interview:

Mindy Chandler; OneHope Research Specialist.

Rob Hoskins; OneHope President.

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