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  • Family is important.

    According to our research, teens around the world are still looking to their families for answers.

    Worldwide, only 56% of teens describe their home as a place where they feel safe and loved. 63% report being very close to their mother and 43% report being very close to their father.

    In honor of International Day of Families on May 15th, we want to share our research and programs that are specifically designed to strengthen the family.

  • Bible App for Kids Parent Resources

    Experience God’s Story with your kids through our free parent resources. These Bible App for Kids resource guides provide parents multiple opportunities to experience the Gospel story along with your child. Interact with your child using the app along with these additional activities, verses and engagement questions. Download each story’s guide, as well as extras including coloring sheets, for free!

  • Research on Families

    Family life is one of the biggest influences of teen behavior. Research suggests that regardless of the family makeup, it is the degree of positive family experience that determines positive outcomes.

    Download our research on family to find out what teens around the world have to say about their experiences. Download the family ABY mini book

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    Family Freedom Program

    More than 1.8 million children in America have a parent in prison. These children, their parents, and their caretakers have unique needs and issues.

    The Freedom Family Collection includes materials specifically designed for the unique needs of each of these families. The program addresses felt needs such as hopelessness, rejection, fear, and loneliness and introduces the truth about reconciliation, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ. These books share the Gospel in conjunction with these points, as well as applications and Scripture study. If your heart is in prison ministry, these books are an amazing tool. Order Now.