In Christ, we find common ground where we can lay everything else aside and co-labor toward our common goal: God’s Word for Every Child.

We strive to embody these values in both word and in deed, hoping to see them reproduced in others. In the work that we do every day, we have a chance to bear witness to one of the most powerful tools of evangelism—unity.

At OneHope, we are H.O.P.E.F.U.L.

H – Hardworking
We are a highly-skilled, capable group of intently focused and determined workers dedicated to giving our all to help affect destinies.

O – Outcome based
We set goals that are impossible for us to achieve believing that as we abide in Christ, He can do what we cannot. Then we measure for fruitfulness and celebrate that He made it happen.

P – Pure
We surrender our egos as we earnestly seek to find Christ’s will in every situation. We constantly pray for pure hearts and pure motives to ensure we never compromise for the sake of convenience or appearance. We aspire to impact rather than to impress and value collaboration with other Kingdom-minded individuals—especially the local church—to achieve His goals.

E – Efficient
We aim to work quickly, but prudently, always operating in the tension of producing both quantity and quality. We lean into God and ask that He help us deliver what otherwise would seem impossible.

F – Faithful
We have laser-sharp focus on remaining faithful to Christ and to mission accomplishment. We take the time and care to craft strategic steps that will lead to rhythmic strides and build up the momentum necessary to allow us to take significant leaps. Everything we do is for Him.

U – Uninhibited
Emboldened with the knowledge that a creative God designed us to be thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators, we confidently take God-led leaps to follow Christ in His work.

L – Led by the Spirit
We pray, earnestly seeking the Holy Spirit’s guiding. We ask to be given eyes to see the vision, ears that hear Kingdom calling, hearts humble and open to collaboration, lips willing to speak the truth, and provisions to complete the journey/fulfill the mission. We believe each person was called to work here and brings their own unique Spiritual-gifting to achieve His purpose.